BHAGAVAD-GITA AS IT IS (BGAII) version One AND version Two. Please find the editors’ ULTIMATE EXPRESSION OF SEXISM and RUDENESS.



The ultimate expression of sexism, as well as rudeness and thoughtlessness, would have to be to disrespect the Goddess of Fortune in person by denying capital letters, which Srila Prabhupada personally and very carefully added in the Original Transcript (OT), as in BGAII OT 1.36, (word for word, translation and twice in purport), BGAII OT 1.15, purport and BGAII OT 1.20, purport, to give three examples only. Generally, everyone is actively seeking the favour of the Goddess of Fortune, Lakshmii. But disrespect will certainly produce an opposite and adverse result.


The other half of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, as an ordinary person, with small letters, lower case. What a mayavadi affront and insult!!!                                                  Neither will Sri Madhava, the husband of the Goddess of Fortune, look very kindly upon such misguided policy.

This is called “niyamaagrahah” in the Nectar of Instruction, verse 2, or following the rules and regulations for the sake of it or blindly or fanatically, and indeed missing the real point– the rule in this particular case being: minimizing the use of capital letters as per Srila Prabhupada’s wishes and instructions. Cairns, FNQld, Australia.




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