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Shri Narasimha bija mantra (Iskcon Bangalore)

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On the occasion of Srila Prabhupada’s 125th birthday anniversary, Official release of the Indian Government’s minted commemorative Srila Prabhupada silver coin by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

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Madhava’s (extended) Rock Band.

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Epoustouflant !!! The kirtan matches the picture.

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Simple and sublime, especially the first 10 minutes.

One can only shed tears. This is Vaikhunta!

The sounds and mood for the last moments of life.

The rhythm of the kirtan is conducive for a good walk, one two, one two, one two.

The sound of the singer’s voice is distinctive. Is It a bass or baritone voice? Probably not a tenor and even less an alto or countertenor.

And the sound of electric guitar add to the sweetness of it all.

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In exchange for the paraphernalia of worship He usurped for Himself, Caitanya Mahāprabhu wanted to bless the girls to fulfill all their ambitions and desires. One can easily become happy and obtain the material benefits of a good husband, wealth, food grain and a number of nice children by worshiping Lord Caitanya Mahāprabhu. Although Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu accepted sannyāsa at an early age, it is not necessary for His devotees to follow Him by also taking sannyāsa. One can stay a householder, but one must be a devotee of Lord Caitanya Mahāprabhu. Then one will be happy, with all the material opulences of a good home, good children, good mate, good wealth and everything he desires. Therefore the śāstras advise, yajñaiḥ saṅkīrtana-prāyair yajanti hi su-medhasaḥ [SB 11.5.32]. Every householder, therefore, who is actually intelligent should introduce the saṅkīrtana movement home to home and live peacefully in this life and go back to Godhead in the next. Ādi 14.55

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Reflection of the day. Shri Caitanya-caritamrita Adi-lila 14.1 Copyrights BBT


kathancana smrite yasmin
dushkaram sukaram bhavet
vismrite viparitam syät
shri-caitanyam namämi tam

kathancana—somehow or other; smrite—by remembering; yasmin—whom; dushkaram—difficult things; sukaram—easy; bhavet—become; vismrite—by forgetting Him; viparitam—just the opposite; syät—become; shri-caitanyam—Lord Shri Caitanya Mahäprabhu; namämi—I offer my respectful obeisances; tam—unto Him.

Things that are very difficult to do become easy to execute if one somehow or other simply remembers Lord Caitanya Mahäprabhu. But if one does not remember Him, even easy things become very difficult. To this Lord Caitanya Mahäprabhu I offer my respectful obeisances.

In his book Caitanya-candrämrita, Shrila Prabodhänanda Sarasvati says, ”One who receives a little favor from the Lord becomes so exalted that he does not care even for liberation, which is sought after by many great scholars and philosophers. Similarly, a devotee of Lord Caitanya considers residence in the heavenly planets a will-o’-the-wisp. He surpasses the perfection of mystic yoga power because for him the senses are like snakes with broken fangs.” A snake is a very fearful and dangerous animal because of his poison fangs, but if these fangs are broken, the appearance of a snake is no cause for fear. The yoga principles are meant to control the senses, but there is no scope for the senses of one engaged in the service of the Lord to be dangerous like snakes. These are the gifts of Shri Caitanya Mahäprabhu.
The Hari-bhakti-viläsa confirms that difficult things become easy to understand if one remembers Shri Caitanya Mahäprabhu and easy things become very difficult to understand if one forgets Him. We actually see that even those who are very great scientists in the eyes of the general public cannot understand the very simple idea that life comes from life, because they do not have the mercy of Caitanya Mahäprabhu. They defend the false understanding that life comes from matter, although they cannot prove that this is a fact. Modern civilization, therefore, progressing on the basis of this false scientific theory, is simply creating problems to be solved by the so-called scientists.
The author of Shri Caitanya-caritämrita takes shelter of Lord Caitanya Mahäprabhu to describe the pastimes of His appearance as a child because one cannot write such transcendental literature by mental speculation. One who writes about the Supreme Personality of Godhead must be especially favored by the Lord. Simply by academic qualifications it is not possible to write such literature.

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The Battle of Kurukshetra.


The battle of Kurukshetra took place at Kurukshetra, Haryana, India, just over 100 km north of New Dehli, on the way to Chandigarh.

It took place roughly 5000 years ago and in 730711BG.Lon (Bhagavad-gita class of July 11th 1973 in London) and in other passages, Srila Prabhupada says:”sixty-four crores of men were killed on the Battlefield of Kuruksetra.”

64 crores mean 640 million

640 million represents about 8.20 % of the current world population.

According to, the current world population is 7.8 billion and increasing fast.

“Men” also means only male soldiers, generals, princes and kings, no women or children were involved or killed.

The Bhagavad-gita was spoken by Sri Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, personally present on the battlefield, to Arjuna and the rest of the world just before the battle. It was spoken in half an hour, at the most one hour.


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Indigestion caused by excessive intake of ghee and how to cure it by Srila Prabhupada.

Sometimes people complain that Hare Krishna prasadam (sanctified food) contains too much ghee.

In Caitanya Caritamrta, Adi 10.49, purport, we learn that even Lord Caitanya Himself was victimized by such practice:

“Once Shivänanda Sena offered food to Lord Caitanya that had been cooked with excessive ghee, and the next day the Lord became sick and went to Muräri Gupta for treatment. Lord Caitanya accepted some water from the waterpot of Muräri Gupta, and thus He was cured. The natural remedy for indigestion is to drink a little water, and since Muräri Gupta was a physician, he gave the Lord some drinking water and cured Him.” Copyrights BBT.

Once I took dinner at

Govinda’s – Food for Life

Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant
194 William St
6000 Northbridge, Western Australia.

and as a direct result, at 1 or 2 am the next morning, I woke up and had to evacuate very quickly. Later it was admitted that the cook may have used too much ghee.

The same happened after taking breakfast at ISKCON Adelaide, South Australia.

The best remedy to cure the material disease of the spirit soul is to chant as much as possible:





The recommended number of mantras is a minimum of 1728 daily mantras, which represents two hours of dynamic meditation.

CC Adi 10.51, purport by Srila Prabhupada:

“Muräri Gupta could treat both bodily and spiritual disease because he was a physician by profession and a great devotee of the Lord in terms of spiritual advancement. This is an example of service to humanity. Everyone should know that there are two kinds of diseases in human society. One disease, which is called adhyätmika, or material disease, pertains to the body, but the main disease is spiritual. The living entity is eternal, but somehow or other, when in contact with the material energy, he is subjected to the repetition of birth, death, old age and disease. The physicians of the modern day should learn from Muräri Gupta. Although modern philanthropic physicians open gigantic hospitals, there are no hospitals to cure the spiritual disease of the spirit soul. The Krishna consciousness movement has taken up the mission of curing this disease, but people are not very appreciative because they do not know what this disease is. A diseased person needs both proper medicine and a proper diet, and therefore the Krishna consciousness movement supplies spiritually stricken people with the medicine of the chanting of the holy name, or the Hare Krishna mahä-mantra, and the diet of prasädam. There are many hospitals and medical clinics to cure bodily diseases, but there are no such hospitals to cure the spiritual disease of the spirit soul. The centers of the Krishna consciousness movement are the only established hospitals that can cure man of birth, death, old age and disease.” Copyright BBT


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KRISHNA CONSERVATIONISM. Caitanya Caritamrita, Adi 9.46. Copyrights with BBT.


aho esäm varam janma
su-janasyeva yesàm vai
vimukhä yänti närthinah

aho—oh, just see; esäm—of these trees; varam—superior; janma—birth; sarva—all; präni—living entities; upajivinäm—one who provides maintenance; su-janasya iva—like the great personalities; yesäm—from whose; vai—certainly; vimukhäh—disappointed; yänti—goes away; na—never; arthinah—one who is asking for something.

”’Just see how these trees are maintaining every living entity! Their birth is successful. Their behavior is just like that of great personalities, for anyone who asks anything from a tree never goes away disappointed.’”

According to Vedic civilization, kshatriyas are considered to be great personalities because if anyone goes to a kshatriya king to ask for charity, the king will never refuse. The trees are compared to those noble kshatriyas because everyone derives all kinds of benefits from them—some people take fruit, others take flowers, others take leaves, others take twigs, and others even cut the tree, and yet the tree gives to everyone without hesitation.

Unnecessarily cutting trees without consideration is another example of human debauchery. The paper industry cuts many hundreds and thousands of trees for its mills, and with the paper so much rubbish literature is published for the whimsical satisfaction of human society. Unfortunately, although these industrialists are now happy in this life by dint of their industrial development, they do not know that they will incur the responsibility for killing these living entities who are in the form of trees.

This verse, quoted from Shrimad-Bhägavatam (10.22.33), was spoken by Lord Krishna to His friends when He was taking rest underneath a tree after His pastime of stealing the clothes of the gopis (vastra-harana-lilä). By quoting this verse, Caitanya Mahäprabhu teaches us that we should be tolerant like trees and also beneficial like trees, which give everything to the needy persons who come underneath them. A needy person may derive many advantages from trees and also from many animals, but in modern civilization people have become so ungrateful that they exploit the trees and animals and kill them. These are some of the sinful activities of modern civilization.

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