SRILA PRABHUPADA QUOTE OF THE MONTH. Vedic literature, the perfect universal source for ideas.

The Vedas are considered to have been spoken by the Supreme Lord. They were first realized by Brahma, who is the first created being within the universe (tene brahma hridaya adi-kavaye [SB 1.1.1]). Our process is to receive knowledge through the parampara system, from Krishna to Brahma, to Narada, Vyasa, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and the Six Gosvamis. By disciplic succession, Lord Brahmä was enlightened from within by the original person, Krishna. Our knowledge is fully perfect due to being handed from master to disciple. CCM 7.66 P

“Darwin has taken the idea of evolution from this Padma Purana. You won’t find any philosophy, any doctrine in the world, which is not found in the Vedic literature. It is so perfect, everything is there.” 681007Le.Sea

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