So… Because every one of us are mäyä-mohita-ceta… Mäyä-mohita-cetasaù. Prahläda Mahäräja has described, vimukha-cetasaù. Mäyä-mohita-cetasaù means averse to Kåñëa. I want everything except Kåñëa. That is mäyä-mohita-cetasaù. I want everything, but except Kåñëa. That is my missing point. Because we are rascals, fools, we do not know what we should want. Na te viduù svärtha-gatià hi viñëum [SB 7.5.31]. He does not know that his actual want is Kåñëa. Just like a small child crying, and we are trying to pacify him, giving this, giving that. But he’s crying, crying. Because his actual want is his mother. And as soon the mother comes, takes the child on the lap, immediately he stops. Similarly, we want Kåñëa because we are part and parcel of Kåñëa. That we want. Just like a part and parcel of a machine, if it is taken away from the machine, it has no… One screw. Suppose your typewriter machine, one screw is missing, and the machine is not working nicely. So without the machine that one screw has no value. If it is lying somewhere, one does not know what is the screw, nobody cares for it. It is no worth. But if you want to complete the machine, if you want to go to purchase in a mechanical shop, that very screw which has no value, you have to purchase at ten rupees. Because it is to be fit up. In this way, we are parcel and parcel of Kåñëa, part and parcel of Kåñëa. When we are along with Kåñëa we have got value; otherwise no value. There are so many examples. This finger, when it is attached to the body, if there is any trouble you can spend thousands of rupees to cure the trouble. But if the finger is cut off, amputate, and thrown on the street, it has no value. No value. Similarly, so long we are mäyä-mohita-cetasaù, out of Kåñëa’s touch, we have no value. No value. Valueless. Useless. That is our position. Matir na kåñëe parataù svato vä mitho… The position is that adänta-gobhir viçatäà tamisram [SB 7.5.30]. When you forget Kåñëa… What is that forgetfulness? When you are interested in sense gratification. That is called forgetfulness. 760921SB.Vrn




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