Vrindavan, domes of the ISKCON Krishna-Balaram Mandir, taken from the top of the guest house, one evening.

A: But what are you talking about, mate? Are you drunk or something? Too much Kay Beer for you, is it? First of all, there are no Olympic Games just now. So what are you talking about?——-BTW, my dear readers, Kay Beer is the latest name in the beer market game. (There is also GOAT BEER, as I have noticed on 14/01/2022, while on BDS. And one may ask: “Is this for goats only, or some other animal(s) as well?”) Kay Beer is superb beer!!! It’s so superb it gives you satisfaction just by looking at it. So you have to pay the supplier by the number of timed glances. But you still have to pay, yes, of course. In the world of traders or Vaisyas, nothing comes free. As opposed to the Brahmin class who will distribute their most valuable and hopefully valued knowledge very liberally and free of charge. In their learned humility, meaning humility generated by true knowledge in the mode of goodness as per BGAII 18.20, they may beg and accept some little contribution for their own maintenance. The new version three of Bhagavad-gita As It Is 18.20 reads as follows: “The knowledge of one who sees in very living entity one undivided spiritual nature is to be understood as being in the mode of goodness, even though the living entities themselves appear to be divided into innumerable forms.”  In the old days, the kings or Ksatriyas or government men, would also maintain them, because they are so absorbed in self-realization and study of Shastra or scriptures and preaching that they have practically no time to earn a living. But nowadays practically almost everyone and everything is (thankfully ?) maintained by the government, especially in COVID times. So where is the difference?

By using this new Kay Meditation Beer or KMB at the same time and to some major extend we luckily don’t break the Hare Krishna principle of “NO INTOXICATION!” That’s a win-win situation. And a fantastic color too, real gold color. And there is a silver variety too. No bronze variety yet, though. Yes, another name for it is MEDITATION BEER”, “Kay Meditation Beer”. To practice meditation is the in-thing to do. Everyone practices meditation these days, even the beer drinkers. You wonder where the name comes from? Well, just have a guess.

B: Does not matter. They won the Gold Medal!

A: What gold medal anyway?

B: Its a double whammy Gold Medal.

A: Really? Sounds really intriguing. You got my attention now. So please go on.

B: Well, let me tell you then. The main and front side of the medal is DISCOURTESY, in HUUUUUUUGE block letters, building height block letters. And, naturally, this is accompanied by another hit quality, —I should really call it another HYP- HYP -HYP- quality, which is HYPOCRISY. No mate, I am not drunk, despite my HYP-HYP-HYP-ccuping. I have an unfortunate medical condition. Ya, mate HYPOCRISY! Can you believe it? So the front side of the gold medal is DISCOURTESY and the backside of the gold medal is HYPOCRISY. Good news no??? And what a race it was! All the favorites such as HONESTY, FAIRNESS, KINDNESS, etc made some silly mistakes and got disqualified during the race. And it’s a really funny coincidence, cause the Hare Krishnas always say this Kali Yuga, the current age lasting another 427 000 years, is the age of Hypocrisy. These outlandish Hare Krishnas with their saffron robes and their street singing God knows what and all, might have at least one thing right.

A: And who is the winner?

B: I’ll tell you later. One thing I can tell you straight away is that we Anglo-Saxons are extremely weak in this game. We came last. I have never seen such a rout before. All the big Anglo-Saxon nations came last. Especially the great British, absolute last in DISCOURTESY. It is lamentable, really lamentable. I am rolling on the floor crying. But hopefully, Lord Jesus Christ’s saying will apply in this case: The last will be the first and the first will be the last. That is our only hope now, really, mate. Last-minute news from the games: The Japanese also performed very, very badly in discourtesy, as bad as the Anglo-Saxons. Who did worse of the two is a matter of perspective, I suppose.

A: So now give us the name of the successful competitor.

B: Absolutely not. I shall not. Cause this is a quiz. If out of 196 nations or so–minus the hints– you name the correct champion winning nation for DISCOURTESY, you shall win a free Bhagavad-gita As It Is worth much more than its weight in GOLD. So, my dear readers, we are waiting for your winning replies. Thank you very much for your participation and please don’t forget to always chant:

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

and in due course you will come to a transcendental stage, free from all kinds of lamentations, fears, anxieties, and sleepness nights as per Bhagavad-gita As It Is formulas. There are a few additional rules which apply such as no illicit sex, no gambling, no meat, fish, or egg-eating, and no intoxication. According to Bhagavad-gita As It Is, 7.16, generally speaking, four types of people become attracted to to the Absolute Truth:”O best among the Bharatas, four kinds of pious men begin their devotional service unto Me, the distressed, those in need of money, the inquisitive or those searching after the knowledge of the Absolute.””….those in need of money…” that’s all of us. So why not come or go and see Krishna about money? He is the ultimate and absolute maintainer. You only have to regulate and / or sever your ties with Centrelink according to Centrelink rules and regulations. Play fair in any case. The Australian Government is generous and fair. So play fair in return. You will come to understand that YOU ARE NOT THIS BODY but THAT YOU ARE GODLY SPIRIT SOULS, parts and parcels of the Supreme Soul, Krishna. Just like the drop of ocean water is part and parcel of the ocean at Noosa Beach in Queensland, Australia and at any other beach in the world as well. In the Sanskrit language, this is expressed as “AHAM BRAHMASMI” or “I am spirit soul, part and parcel of God, Krishna.” And you may chant any of these two mantras either in Sanskrit or in English as much as you like, along with the Maha or Super Mantra Hare Krishna. Language is not the important thing here. The message contained therein is. Thank you again.


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