“He is a liar!”




“He is a liar!”


“The spiritual master is the representative of Krishna. How he becomes representative? What is the test? The test is… Just like anyone can understand, representative. Suppose a business firm’s representative is going to canvass for business, what is his business? He will take the interest of the firm, not his personal interest. He will try to secure business for the firm he’s working, not for his personal… That is perfect representative. And if he goes, in the name of the firm’s representative, and he does his own business, then he’s a liar.
Similarly, Krishna’s representative means one who speaks about Krishna as Krishna speaks. And if he adulterates, he’s a liar; he’s not representative. He’s not representative. Krishna says, man-manaa bhava mad-bhakto mad-yaajii maam namaskuru [Bg. 18.65], and if the representative says, “Just become a devotee of Krishna. Just worship Krishna. Just offer your obeisances to Krishna,” he is representative.”721213BG.Ahm

That means Bhagavad Gita so called “As It Is” Version 2 (V2), “Second Edition Revised and Enlarged” is a lie.

And if ISKCON follows and is built on Bhagavad Gita so-called “As It Is” Version 2 (V2), “Second Edition Revised and Enlarged”, it is a lie as well. In that case, ISKCON is a hugely misled and misguided institution, ISKCON is under the nefarious influence of the mystic power production of a great liar. Iskcon please beware: The world is not a fool and will fight back!

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