“Amongst the ants, they are very intoxicant; therefore they find out sugar. The all kinds of liquor preparation is made from sugar. You know that? Sugar is fermented with acid and then distilled, it becomes liquor. And the ants are very much fond of sugar. You keep up one piece of sugar candy, then the news will be immediately spread, and all the ant class will go there: “Here it is, sugar.” Yes. Gold rush. [laughter] You see?” 740120SB.Hon



In this 1974 Srimad Bhagavatam class in Honolulu, Srila Prabhupada explains that ants like sugar very much because sugar is the basis for intoxicants. These magnificient parrots seem to follow the same principle. They steal sugar from restaurant tables. First they expertly open the paper bags with their beaks. Then they eat the sugar grain by grain and must get high. They have no worries in the world and neither do they mind being photographed in the act. This is Australia, the no-worries, Vaikuntha country. :):):)

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