Diary Extract

January 3rd 2018

Something has changed.  

For the last seven and a half years one of my neighbors’ dog had always been very aggressive, almost dangerous towards me. We should remember that Srila Prabhupada gave the “hut” mantra for such dangerous dog situations. If uttered with all one’s energy, along with the intense fear of being in serious trouble in just a few seconds and the desire to avoid it, it will definitely save one from painful and potentially lethal dog bites. There was a recent report from Canberra of dog killing human. When one of His disciples was unable to chase away an aggressive dog, Srila Prabhupada Himself made a demonstration of the process. If my memory is correct, this occurred on a Californian beach.

This morning on my Japa walk, while walking past this particular property, the dog came out very meekly to collect his customary caresses and friendly words.

I repeated this procedure a couple of times. Then he walked away back inside, satisfied.

This represents quite a change. What happened? How did this change come about? A dog has intelligence. Every animal has intelligence. Every living being has intelligence, including plants. Perhaps he finally recognises me as a neighbour. Or may be he is just ageing and growing tired of barking. A few days later, I met the couple living right next to the dog’s home. The lady confided that she had taken special care of the dog. It would therefore appear that the dog responded to some extra care and attention showered upon him by this well intentioned lady. What a wonderful change indeed. As opposed to Asia, where dog can be used as human food, dog’s life in the west can be quite privileged indeed, but definitely not desirable! “sva-paca means the dog-eaters.”660530BG.NY. According to i-dictionary, kangaroo is only found in Australia and New Guinea. But kangaroo eating is fact. We do not know however what is the Sanskrit designation for “kangaroo-eater”. Of course beef eating is worst of all flesh eating. Because cow dispenses liberally the most valuable type of food i.e. milk, she is considered mother and the ox is considered father. By nature’s arrangement, at the time of birth, we are supplied milk by our own mother. That fact proves the point. So we may ask the question what kind of individual will agree to kill and eat “mother ” and “father”???

In Sanskrit language, the generic term for meat-eater is “mleccha”. “A mleccha is a meat-eater, and a yavana is one who has deviated from Vedic culture.” CCM 1.197 purport.

Today there is much talk of terrorism. And unfortunately there are too many instances of ghastly terrorism. Every instance of terrorism is one too many indeed. With 9 / 11, Kali-yuga made a decisive and irreversible step forward. Regrettably things will never again be as they were before 9 / 11. Last time I travelled in USA (2017)for each flight the authorities searched my luggage in my absence, behind the scene, and the same note of information was left in my suitcase on each occasion. Broken luggage and locks become the passenger’s responsibility!

But this imperialistic attitude of killing by the millions and eating defenseless, protectionless and voiceless animals is merely another variety of terrorism directed by humans at the poor animals. It will be of interest to research whether there is a karmic link between the two forms of terrorism. Obviously the animals are not as evolved as humans. Srila Prabhupada explains that the relationship man / animal is like having a learning-disabled members in the family. Does it mean we are going to kill and eat the family member with learning difficulties? 

Every living entity, human, animal or plant is part and parcel of God, Krishna. Bhagavad-Gita As It Is (BGAII) 15.7 reads:”

mamaivämso jiva-loke

jiva-bhütah sanätanah


prakriti-sthäni karshati


mama—My; eva—certainly; amshah—fragmental particle; jiva-loke—in the world of conditional life; jiva-bhütah—the conditioned living entity; sanätanah—eternal; mana—with the mind; shashthäni—the six; indriyäni—senses; prakriti—in material nature; sthäni—situated; karshati—is struggling hard.


The living entities in this conditioned world are My eternal fragmental parts. Due to conditioned life, they are struggling very hard with the six senses, which include the mind.


Srila Prabhupada clearly says that if the Krishna consciousness movement were to gain political power, its first legislation would go towards closing down slaughterhouses. In India similar attempts are in progress. Animals are truly nationals of the state just as human beings are. The Sanskrit name for national is “praja”. Some laws are already in existence for the protection of certain species. It is a matter of extending them. That will represent true  liberty, equality and fraternity, the moto of the French Republic. Otherwise the moto, as good as it sounds, will simply remain utopia talk in the mode of ignorance.


January 7th 2018 at Govinda’s, 357 George st, Brisbane City, Australia.

Sacred sound session with HH Kadamba Kanana Swami at 4pm.

I remembered that the mobile data switch on my iphone had recently become more and more instable. It woud seemingly switch itself from on position to off position and vice versa for no apparent reason. I though I would ask Bh. Anton, who is expert in software. Then I realized that by Krishna’s arrangement, he was in fact just standing behind me. I explained to him the problems I was experiencing and he immediately and expertly pointed out that it was not a matter of pushing the switch from one position to the other, but to simply tap the switch gently and it would do the rest. This advice was 100% accurate. My phone works fine, as it always did, if it weren’t for my own intervention.

This is a perfect example how one unwittingly creates one’s own problems.

I cannot help but mention that HH Kadamba Kanana Maharaja is an excellent kirtaneer. He really masters the art of Hare Krishna musical crescendo and how to bring on a Hare Krishna musical finale. We wish him all success. All glories to HH Kadamba Kanana Maharaja!!!

BTW in his last SB class Monday 8th January morning, he recounted some of his adventures such as travelling as a passenger at 240 km per hour by motor vehicle in South Africa and still accelerating in the bend. He also took a plane in Mildura, Victoria, Australia. The weather was very bad and he got very scared, so much so that he alledgedly chanted his sixteen rounds within an hour. He gave a public demonstration of this type of chanting as well.

I am not quite sure about the wisdom of mentioning this type of driving publicly in the Srimad Bhagavatam class. It may be construed as an indirect encouragement for wreckless behaviour. We have lost too many devotees to car accidents. Some years ago, we have lost HH Tamal Krishna Goswami Maharaja to a car accident and very recently the very young daughter of His Grace Sakhi Rai Prabhu from Brisbane, Her Grace Vraja Bhallabi DD. Both accidents happened in India. There are others as well. During question time, I could not help making the following statement and request:” Except for parts of the Northern Teritory, in Australia the speed limit is 110 km / hour. That is a very good regulation. Now that you have told us about your adventures, Maharaja, we have grown concerned about your welfare.” Then came my request:”Maharaja please, please, please be careful!”

Srila Prabhupada always insisted that each and every member of the Krishna consciousness movement is required, that He could not spare anyone to accidental death or permanent injury. It is not a matter of death or dying. It is a matter of living for Krishna’s service, whatever it may consist of. Particularly those who have accepted the service of guru ship must live for the sake and benefit of their disciples.


12 January 2018

Yesterday I had my first book table evening in Hastings st., Noosa’s main street. It is parallel to the ocean, which is on the other side of the block. As a consequence, some people will choose to walk around in their swimming costumes.

One Indian family from Sydney gave an unsolicited $1.00 donation, a vestige of Krishna culture.

One Melbourne vegan man bought a copy of Raje’s cookbook.

One more advanced soul from Young, NSW, represented the highlight of the evening. He was preparing to re-visit India and purchased Bhagavad-Gita As It Is, hard bound, and one volume Krishna book as well.

Param vijayate Sri Krishna Sankirtanam!


13 January 2018


Yesterday Friday, I went again to Hastings st., Noosa, and I shall go again tonight, Saturday. First time, Thursday night, I dressed in “karmis”. Yesterday I wore my new vanaprastha saffron Vaishnava attire, with tilaka and will do so in the future. I could not find a parking spot at the place where I wanted to set up. So I had to drive another 100 meters down the road. I thought I’d first set up the book table and then carry it the distance. But for this purpose, I need the help of another person. As I was absorbed in taking goods out of my vehicle, standing on the sliding door and looking inside, I turned around towards the table and there she was standing at the table, Debbie, a friendly young girl, bright faced with many earings in her left ear and a few less in her right ear. She said she was going to move to Melbourne. I recommended she visit ISKCON Melbourne in Albert Park.

I could understand that Krishna had specifically and intentionally sent her with the purpose to help me carry my book table to the right spot. After exchanging some words, enthusiastically and without hesitation, she did just that.  After the table was established at the right spot through our combined effort, I thanked her very much for her kind assistance and offered her a free packet of incense as a reward, which she accepted. That was the end of the exchange.


In an sms conversation His Grace Dandakaranya Prabhu, deputy head of BBT Australia division, mentioned encouragingly that :”Devotees using book tables in USA and Europe are having big success.”


In 740804SB.VRN, Srila Prabhupada explains that any assistance provided to the preachers of the Krishna consciousness movement, by any individual regardless of status, is spiritually speaking extremely profitable. He lectures on SB 1.5.23, wherein Narada Muni recounts his association with the Bhaktivedantas during the rainy season, also called catur masya. “Nirupito balaka eva yoginam.” As a five or so year old boy, he engaged in the menial service of these yogis and accepted the remnants of their foodstuff. Thus he became the great sage Narada Muni, with no travel restrictions whatsoever. What a promotion indeed!

In his previous life, he was the son of a maidservant and there was no certainty about the identity of his father either.

“Still, he became next life the Nārada Muni. And what is the cause? What… The cause is, nirūpito bālaka eva yoginām: “I was appointed a boy servant of the devotees.” The importance is that devotee is so important that if anyone renders a little service, then he becomes elevated to the spiritual life. What bālaka… Bālaka means there was a boy. “You, boy, bring me this,” or “Do this. Just wash my cloth,” or “Just set up my bedding.” Like that. This much servant. Or “Wash this dish.” So the devotional service is so powerful, by doing this… This will be described later on, that simply by doing this little service to the yoginām, he was so blessed that next life he became Nārada. This point is very important point. ……………. So during the four months, wherever they stay, simply being served by somebody as…, like a boy servant, they become delivered. There was no question of preaching. Simply giving the opportunity to serve, the fallen souls become delivered. But you must be competent; not to take service for nothing. Then you’ll go to hell. If you are actually in spiritual position, then by giving others little opportunity to serve you, he’ll be delivered. No question of understanding the philosophy. A devotee must be so perfect. The system is, therefore, as soon as one sees a devotee, he falls down and takes the…, touches the feet. This is the system. Because by touching the feet… Mahat-pāda-rajo-‘bhiṣekam [SB 5.12.12]. If one is actually elevated to the spiritual life and he is, mean, takes…, the people takes the opportunity of touching his lotus feet, then he becomes devotee. This is the process.” 740804SB.VRN







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