“So at the present moment, people are becoming implicated with maya more and more because foolishly they are thinking that “I am now very comfortable. I have got this skyscraper building. I have got so much bank balance. I have got so nice wife. So I am comfortable.” They are thinking like that. They do not know that it is not comfortable life. It is dangerous life because you have to change your body. Tatha dehantara-praptih. Why don’t you remember that? Because as soon as death will take place next moment… You are proprietor of this house; next moment you become dog of this house. If you have got very much attachment for the house, and at the same time your activities have been like dog’s, then you get the body of a dog, and you may remain in this quarter and bark, “Gyeow! Gyeow! Gyeow! Gyeow! Gyeow!” That they do not know. Nunam pramattah kurute vikarma [SB 5.5.4]. When there is nice building, nice comfortable life, they do anything sinful without knowing that “I am not going to be escaped by these sinful activities. I will have to suffer for this. As I am enjoying now material comforts due to my some pious activities in the past, similarly, if I commit sinful life, then I’ll have to suffer next life.” That they do not know.

Therefore it is always dangerous. To enjoy in this material life is dangerous because you are creating next life very, very abominable. That… The only escape is… That will be explained by Kuntidevi in the next verse, that they were in danger, but they were simply thinking of Krsna, “Krsna, we have no other shelter.” This position should be taken. We are always in danger, and we should always think of the lotus feet of Krsna. Then we are safe. Otherwise it is very dangerous.” 741004SB.MAY
Over and above the quoted passage, this class 741004SB.MAY  “Always expect danger” by Srila Prabhupada is interesting for the study of karma, the study of divya-karma under the circumstances.
Srila Prabhupada explains that out of grudge for rejecting his romantic ambitions at her svayamvara ceremony, Karna ordered Draupadi, the incarnation of the Goddess of Fortune, also called Krishnaa with a long “a”,  to be disrobed in the unholy, crude and uncivilised assembly (asat-sabhayah). These are the adjectives Srila Prabhupada uses Himself. Srila Prabhupada also characterises the assembly as an assembly of crooked, vicious, rude and ungentlemanly persons, an assembly of rascals.
In retaliation for that failed and abominable action, Sri Krishna, the embodiment of ultimate justice, later on the battlefield of Kurukshetra orders His friend and devotee Arjuna to kill Karna even against the rules of a fair fight. For the sake of justice, one unlawful and abominable action is retaliated by a seemingly unlawful and lethal action. Krishna is absolute. He is beyond the purview of mundane morality. Whatever He orders and does is all-good. Thus the matter is settled. Justice is dispensed by the judge of all judges, the ultimate justice, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Krishna. All glories to Sri Krishna!
Svayamvara ceremony means that highly qualified princesses were given the opportunity to select their own husband in a difficult contest. In Draupadi’s case, her father arranged that the winner would have to pierce by arrow the eye of a fish hanging on the ceiling and only identifiable through the reflection in some water on the floor. As soon as there is such declaration, all the princes would come to compete. That is kshatriya or warrior class spirit. Furthermore Draupadi positively wanted Arjuna as her husband. She also knew that if Karna were to compete at her svayamvara ceremony, he would win her hand instead. So she made a rule that only kshatriyas are to enter the competition and that carpenters would be excluded. Karna took this as a great personal insult. As the pre-marriage son of Kunti by the sun-god, Karna was certainly a kshatriya. But this truth remained hidden due to social pressure. Karna was maintained by a carpenter and was thus considered a sudra.
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