THE SANKIRTAN MOOD. CC Adi 9.29 Copyright BBT.


mäge vä nä mäge keha, pätra vä apätra
ihära vicära nähi jäne, deya mätra

mäge—begs; vä—or; nä—not; mäge—begs; keha—anyone; pätra—candidate; vä—or; apätra—not a candidate; ihära—of this; vicära—consideration; nähi—does not; jäne—know; deya—gives; mätra—only.

Not considering who asked for it and who did not, nor who was fit and who unfit to receive it, Caitanya Mahäprabhu distributed the fruit of devotional service.

This is the sum and substance of Lord Caitanya’s sankirtana movement. There is no distinction made between those who are fit and those who are not fit to hear or take part in the sankirtana movement. It should, therefore, be preached without discrimination. The only purpose of the preachers of the sankirtana movement must be to go on preaching without restriction. That is the way in which Shri Caitanya Mahäprabhu introduced this sankirtana movement to the world.

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